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Whether you’re training for a 5k or a marathon, reach your running goals using the power of artificial intelligence!

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Why Use Run Flo?

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    Select Your Running Goal

    Choose between a variety of races to hit your next running goal.

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    Get personalized training plans

    Get a fully customized plan based on your schedule, goals, and experience.

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    Add strength training workouts

    Integrate a strength training plan along with your running schedule to maximize your potential.

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    Be Coached By AI Run Flo Coach

    You'll never have any running question left unanswered. Run Flo Coach was created to answer any and all kinds of running questions related to your training plan, workouts, or any other running related question you have instantly!

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    Record runs whenever you want

    The free run allows you to record and save any running workout whenever you want without a plan!

    Find a plan that's right for you.

    Your first week is on us.

    Start your plan today for just $8.99 per month.

    First week of any plan is free. Cancel anytime.

    Join The Community

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      Get support from fellow runners

      Know that you're not alone  on your running journey! Interact, follow, and message with other runners in the community.

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      Post your activities

      Post your runs to the community feed about your latest accomplishments. Keep up to date with the progress others are making!

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      Join groups based on similar goals

      Being able to support other runners with similar goals is a huge confidence boost. The groups feature enables you to interact and get updates from runners that match only your goals.

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      View your workout history and receive achievements

      View your workout history, total miles ran, and earn badges as you progress through your running journey.

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      Take your running to the next level

      Your personalized training app to hit your running goals with ease.
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